Syllables and melody of La Massage - 2 copies

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bLa Massage info.jpg

Syllables and melody of La Massage - 2 copies

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Dear friends;

We are writing to you for the cause of supporting Väluste school, our current renovating space in the middle of Estonia, we hope to grow it into a Tibetan Medicine Healing centre.

Here is the link where you can get info about the place and how it looks like at the moment:

Drukmo Gyal came up with the idea of sharing her voice singing the Bla syllables for whoever practicing and receiving bLa massage as a CD, the CD is around 50mins long, starting with the purification mantra of five elements, where the place, healer and patient to be purified, then comes with throat chakra cleaning with ALI KALI and Mantra of interdependence. 35 min long track in two pieces of 30 points around the body, therapist can follow up the track, sing along and massage the patient, soothing music will help to relax patient as well as the healer, finally closing up with the 5 line prayer of Yuthok and his heart mantra.

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What is bLa Energy?
བླ(bLa) means supreme, it refers to a supreme lunar energy, it moves through out whole body in a monthly cycle, there are 30 points with corresponding syllables, bLa massage requires therapists to recite each syllable while treating people for balancing their solar and lunar energy, When solar and lunar energy are in a good state, we are able to maintain health, if out internal sun and moon are imbalanced, we can experience obstacles in our lives, Vajrayana practitioners do exercises to balance solar and lunar energies, for their health as well as to avoid spiritual obstacles. 

Mantra lists:
1. Purification Voice of Tibet
2. Purification Mantras of Throat Chakra
3. Melody of bLa Massage part 1
4. Melody of bLa Massage part 2
5. Yuthok Mantra with Five line prayers (Father of Tibetan Medicine)

All income will support the renovation of Tibetan Medicine
Centre in Estonia named Väluste school.