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 Dakini Project is a non-profit and non-governmental project operated by Tibetan youngsters in Amdo Tibetan Region (Qinghai province, China)

What does Dakini mean? A ḍākinī (Tibetan: མཁའ་འགྲོ་མ) means “sky-dancer” they are emanations of wisdom and awareness. We believe that Dakini nature is hidden in every being.

Main Goal: Dakini project wants to ameliorate Tibetan women’s material life, enriching the general being mentally and physically.  we are working with local organisations and entities on providing sex education for young Tibetan girls on how to face a puppy love, physical hygiene and building self-confidence as a woman. We are also providing an annual summer trip for girls from different minority groups to study and experience Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Yoga, moreover, we offer annual winter English language training for Tibetans in Rebgong or Chentsa county. 


Drukmo Gyal, Founder

Paljor TseRing, Language Teacher  

Yangmo Tashi, Translator

Dorjee Drolma, Member