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Tibetan Healing day in Viljandi, Estonia

  • Tibetan Healing Day 30 Lossi viljandi Estonia (map)

Tibetan Healing day in Viljandi town, Estonia


Morning: Tibetan Healing Yoga - Nejang (9:00 - 13:00)
Tibetan yoga, known as tsalung trulkhor, is divided into two main parts- the preliminaries and the actual practice. The preliminary part is called lujong- body training. This is especially balances internal energy, opens the channels, and relaxes the mind. One division of lujong is called nejang, meaning cleaning the energy sites in the body. This is especially used in healing, to rebalance internal energy.

This practice was transmitted by Puton Rinchen Drub, in his Kalachakra teaching system. This is also typically used by Tibetan physicians and is a recommended exercise for patients.

Afternoon: Diet suggestions based on body type according to Tibetan Medicine.
(14:00 - 17:00)

Traditional Tibetan Medicine has 5 principal healing methods and one of them is diet therapy, for starting a personal diet therapy we need to learn what kind of body type we have, what are the predominant elements we have, through examining our personalities, body appearances, urine, we are able to find out what would be the group of foods and drinks we should adapt or avoid. in this lecture by Drukmo Gyal, she will explain us what are the body types and what are the choices of food and drinks to take accordingly.

Evening: Tibetan Mantra Healing Concert. (18:00 - 19:00)

Later Event: November 13
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