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Drukmo Gyal in Sorigkhang LA/Pure Land Farms, USA.

Join us for a series of special events with Drukmo Gyal Dakini at Pure Land Farms this May!

May 7th: Medicine Buddha Mondays Pure Land Farms/ Sorig Khang Los Angeles
May 8th: Public Program in Los Angeles (TBA)
May 10th - 16th: Yuthok Nyingthig Outer Guru Yoga Retreat (pre-requisites apply)
May 18th: Mantra Healing Concert
May 19th - 20th: Mantra Healing Training Level One (…/tibetan-mantra-healing-leve…)

More information about Drukmo Gyal, the events, and registration is available at Space is limited, please e-main with any questions. 

Thank you and see you soon!