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Dr.Machik's TTM teachings in Estonia

  • Advanced TTM courses Väluste tee Viiratsi, Viljandi maakond, 70101 Estonia (map)

Advanced Urine, Pulse analysis and gynecological disorders according to TTM by Dr.Machik

Course Intent:
Dr.Machik will use 15 intensive days to share with us his 30+ year experiences on urine, pulse analysis and gynecological disorders, he will go through the core content in FOUR TANTRAS as well as all the precious notes he collected from his teachers and his own experiences.
This course was requested by Dr.Nida Chenatsang, wishing all the Sorig Khang Teachers and Students could get further development in diagnosis studies.

Tibetan medicine urine analysis is divided into eight sections; the physician examines the colour, vapour, odour, bubbles, sediments and albumin of the urine. The colour of the urine is determined by the intake of food and drink, seasons and diseases.

In Tibetan medicine pulse reading is divided into thirteen sections. For the Tibetan physician the art of pulse reading provides an invaluable source of information because the pulse is like a messenger between the doctor and the patient. To read the pulse it is very important for the patient to be as rested as possible. The physician places the index, middle and third fingers on the radial arteries. The space between each of the three fingers is the width of a grain of rice, and the fingers are placed half an inch from the crease of the wrist. The physician uses both hands to examine the pulse; the left wrist of a male patient is read first, whilst for the female patient it is the right wrist which is read first.

The general cause of gynecological problems is related to bad blood circulation in the uterus and to organs that produce irregular menstruation, infertility, hormonal (motsee) imbalance, psychology and improper sexual relationship etc.
General gynecology is divided into three groups according to the nature of a woman’s life phase and her common constitutional complaints:

  1. a) Tragtsab – premenopause

  2. b) rLungtsab – menopause

  3. c) Common complaints and organic disorders.
    There are 42 disorders.

Dr.Machik will guide us through these divisions of Gynecological disorders according to Tibetan Medicine with his 30 over year experiences.

Course Fee:
750€ for 15 days (Urine, Pulse Reading and Gynecology)
270€ for 5 days (One of the subjects)

Sleeping will be arranged inside or nearby Väluste school:
Single Bed in shared rooms with clean sheets and warm quilts prepared: 3€/night (we have limited beds, whoever pays firsts, gets the bed first.)
Sleeping in the Big hall with one’s own sleeping bag: 2€/night.
Sleeping in One’s own Tent in the Yard: Free
About 25 People can sleep in Väluste school with above offers.

About 9km aways, we have the possibility to rent a hostel for those who would like better sleeping conditions, but the price is not yet clear, once we get more info, we will update for you.

Food and drinks:
For 5 days, 3 meals/day: 50euros
For 10 days, 3meals/day: 100euros
For 15 days, 3 meals/day: 150euros

Olev Poolamets (+372 56622588)
Madis Seinberg (+372 56909186)
Drukmo Gyal (+37258981822)


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