Drukmo Gyal's New Album
<<Tibetan Healing Chants>>
will be released on 24th May 2018
Both Digital and physical CDs will be available.

Smile of Buddha (Manjushri Mantra) was recorded in Japan by Drukmo Gyal and Chiyo Baba, Chiyo baba is a wonderful pianist from Japan who composed this melody after her travel to Thailand and experiencing the sleeping buddha, She requested Drukmo Gyal to sing a mantra over this composition, Drukmo chose Manjushri Mantra because women are the representation of wisdom, surprisingly, not even with rehearsal, the melody and Drukmo Gyal's Chanting of Manjushri Mantra blended in perfectly well, after the recording session, Chiyo Baba and Drukmo Gyal held hands with tears all over their faces. 


Drukmo Gyal Dakini was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into Tibetan yogi family where mantra, yoga, and meditation were introduced at a young age. With support from the local Tibetan yogic community, she began practicing mantras with ancient melodies and started singing publicly from 2008. She moved to Europe in early 2014, produced her first album ‘Purification Voice of Tibet’ in Spain with Morgana Music Studio and began touring in Europe, Russia, Asia, United States and South America, She performs  with local musicians. Her second album ‘Tibetan Mantra Healing’ was released in 2016 and highlights the ancient spiritual healing system of Sowa Rigpa - Traditional Tibetan medicine,  it was taught to her by Dr Nida Chenagtsang, a direct lineage holder and founder of Sorig Khang International. Drukmo Gyal travels the world, singing concerts, teaching  Tibetan Mantra Healing and Tibetan External Therapies, translating Tibetan Medical Courses given by Tibetan Doctors in Europe, and guiding retreats in the Yuthok Nyingthig tradition, the meditation practice of Tibetan physicians. 

Drukmo Gyal's world tour for spreading
Tibetan Mantra Healing and Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

Drukmo Gyal is very happy to sing wherever
you are, if you are interested in organizing
concerts, workshops of Tibetan Healing
Mantras, Workshops of Tibetan External
Therapies for the benefit of local well beings,
you are welcomed to contact Drukmo for more details.